Jeeze’ but it is a good day, something to behold, Politicians actually  listening to it’s people and voting (and standing up to such financial pressure, from the Zionist and  Jewish Lobbying powers) to send a real message to Israel and the “war criminal “NETANYAHU” and his equally guilty  cabinet“… Israel! … Palestine is a fact… live with it  and “Get Out Of It”

I know it’s just a little victory, but the Palestinian people need to hear that we in the UK at least,  are trying to do what cowardly politicians in America wont do , and that is sending a real message to Israel.

I know Palestinian people get little victories and usually can only expect to hear platitudes from Western Politicians, but now’ at least, can know that on the streets of London we can deliver small victories to them and give them some hope that the Zionist’s don’t win all the time. and for myself that all the marching on the streets can pay off.

That said’  it is up to the American people to further this campaign, by doing what  “we the people” did  by marching and pestering the hell out of the political elite, and make them listen to the injustices heaped on to the Palestinians year on year decade after decade, and make it so difficult for AIPAC,’ BECAUSE ACTUAL PEOPLE PRESSURE CAN MAKE THOSE WEESELY POLITICIANS DO WHAT WE ELECT THEM TO DO.

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