The Internet….And Blogging

I’m not a writer, But I have a Blog , said someone that I  read somewhere in the ether.  that we have come to call the Internet.                                                                                                                                                               But when can a Blogger call him or herself a writer’….  surely calling yourself a  “writer”  means that you earn an income from it, that you went to university to study English and you left with a degree, that you know all the classics ,that you had some pompous Professor drill in to you the nuances of the English language ,that you read Shakespeare etcetera etc , that you  know how to spell, that you know where the dot’s n dashes go ,and when to leave them out .So Here I sit with the world at my fingertips , But I’m not a writer.

So seriously, if you have no formal training in the English language, never went to Uni’ , don’t know what or where to put said squiggly bit’s, and lastly you do not know  how to use a computer keyboard properly,…you are a Blogger…I would say, because the Host providers of most Blogging sites, will provide the software to correct all the error’s you could  possibly imagine, but will that make you a  “Writer” ?

Yes there are many professional writer’s writing in the Blogosphere, but do they  call themselves a Blogger , would they ?, But I would say that like any Human Being in the world, you should have the right to put your point of view before the world, and even if nobody cares to read it, you at least have had a hearing, and whether a Blogger, or a writer, it does not matter your voice is as good as anyone else. So go on get it out of your system.

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