David Cameron is a decent man, and so is Clegg, but Ed Miliband is something of a different decency and I believe he deserves a chance and the Labour Party are trying so hard to make themselves unelectable again by looking for another Tony B.liar, for we need another Liar like we need a hangover.

At least that’s my take on it , as an ordinary voter. People forget why we got rid of B-liar’s type of politics, he who ponces off  around the world, begging forgiveness from all n sundry, but refusing to apologise or admit to his past deeds, while he rakes in the moolah in and around the republican venues of the world, while still licking the arse of the Israeli’s by acting as a mouthpiece for their views by demonising any Muslim country that does not follow his lead, and if we had listened and followed his lead then the world would be a lot sorrier place.

So No Ed Miliband is a far better candidate than any “New World Order” type, that lingers around from B.liars  time in office, and there are many “New Labour” types with their hands in their pocket’s feeling sorry for themselves, but forgetting that they backed B.lair  to the hilt, if only because they were frightened of his control-freakery, and so were as equally guilty of the fucking mess he created, for the Labour Party to come back from.

So if I were them I’d go away, and far away, your day has come and gone, “Thank God.

So it’s time to get back to the real Labour Party, you know the one that created the NHS, the one that created the Welfare state, the one that made Britain what it was, so much so that Thatchers lot plundered it and Made so many rich men from  it, and so many that sat in her cabinet, and who now sit on all the boards of the sold off industries, like Bt, British Gas, and so many companies who now rip off pensioners every winter, not to mention British Rail, that now milk all the British passengers every day , and who now are getting more money from the gov’t to invest in new railways, than they ever got from any gov’t before they were given away, to  who were the backers of Thatcher’s big theft from the British people.

But I guess it’s too much to hope for, that Miliband could re-nationalise all the stolen goods, for we live in the world  of the Media Barons, and the Bankers, who have the British people by the short n curlies and the control through the media is complete now, so being able to wrestle back some of the power is now an almost impossible task  for any decent politician , for raising any real socially just point in a speech, that before it has time to sink in  it is derided by some media pundit on the right , and the Murdoch press will have a field day with it , but they are not too stupid, for there are points where even they daren’t tread too heavily, and it is too those where they are vulnerable.

So lay off Miliband you lot, that caved in to the Thatcher legacy of greed is good and must be worshiped at all cost’s, you know who you are, the lot that bought into it by becoming too middle class and forgot who were left behind.

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