The Establishment…The Established Media…Their Crimes ????

Crimes, may be too Loud, I hear them murmur, or squirm, depending on their sense of justice.  But I’m not talking about their sense of justice,(though that is something they also may lack) I’m talking about the crimes committed by the injustices that our, “Established Media”, our,”Got at Media….or our downright conniving Media  are responsible for… the real stories…. the ones they ignore by omission…or the conniving “Establishment  Media”… who conjure up scenarios, while sitting in their club’s ,over a fine dinner,  or the even, (more conspirational)…the Establishment lot,  sitting in their piles in the country, where even more injustices are created through  making  up policies in the dark, followed through and sanctioned by those  who created  this darkness,(MI6,C.I.A,MOSSAD….THE BUSH FAMILY,TO NAME BUT A FEW)   in their credential-led smug manner that have become so detrimental as to How a true Democracy should work.

They” who knows what’s best’… for their cronies (first)…their country second…(maybe even third) …depending on their financial holdings)  “The Established”  you know’ Those who get there by doing what they were told  to do ( by the Establishment)   for example in the UK’ The DG  at the  BBC   in America the CNN…ABC…ITV… boards) the senior political lot who only got there after passing, the past-muster test, set by those who live in the dark.                                                                                                                                                              But we all know that surely,  But  what I’m really talking about is the crimes like those in Pakistan (latest example), where so many young people and children lost their lives and why the people responsible felt… that they needed to commit such an horrendous crime, and why they felt driven there, where surely much debate must have taken place, before such a  “crime”  was sanctioned.

Well I think the crime itself was set off ,  by a near ” complete silence ”  from our media to the other horrendous crimes committed by …Pakistani Military…President Obama’s Drone led …Murder by decree… Murder from high…by the “Pakistani Military” Who drop Bomb’s into those communities in the Tribal regions , which has no real oversight, and a silence from our Media to these crimes, must set off a certain kind of “Hatred” in the minds of The…”already driven mad people” but there must also be so many other decent people who have been driven into this kind of mad mind-set of, you kill my child, I will kill yours, for surely while civilized people see this crime as deplorable (even by terrorist standards) you must also  ask the question why ? or more importantly our Establishment Media must be asking in public, what is really going on here ?, and we the people must be asking just why there has been a total silence to the crimes committed by our so called friend, “The Pakistani Military” who we arm, and who we allowed to get “Nuclear Weapons “(But demonise Iran, and try to control Iran by sanctions and threats of war) so this kind of Hypocrisy by the west, of allowing our so called friends to commit really horrendous crimes from both on high and on the ground, onto people that have women and children living as close to them as possible, as is the norm in these areas. So these poor people, (and they really are poor indeed) look up into the sky and see a puff of smoke or a rumbling noise, and their only contact with and from the outside world comes from these puff’s of smoke and the rumbling from  the Pakistani gun ships and bombers raining down on them this “sudden death“, to whole families, from bombs and bullet’s, that we mostly supply  to the Pakistani Military, and is it a wonder that the Taliban mops up so many recruits, if not from the result’s of the bombs and bullets, but by the only help that most of the people get, and that is supplies of food and help through the winter from the Taliban, for nothing comes from Pakistan but the bombs and bullet’s , and on reading the English writing on spent bombs , that tells them, that it was we,’ The Infidel’, who were behind the supplying of these bombs, that rained down this sudden death’ That maybe wiped out so many innocent people, Just to get at and murder a leader, who is denied any trial, and Obama, or some Pakistani general, or is most probable, some CIA guy at the Pentagon on reading some stuff, decided ,that he, the target is better off dead, and if some innocents die, well collateral damage is acceptable, and hey’ who the hell will find out anyway. So the “Media” by their silence, or by their actions, either omitting to tell” The, “Whole Truth” or by staying silent,  to the crimes committed by the “Pakistani Military” or “American Drones” or as the BBC’  gives the very briefest of details ,that some hack, who only, either edited out, or omits  the real story, by writing what they are told to write by some Chappie who sent them out in there in the first place. But anyone like myself who do follow international events, and who is savvy enough to read behind the lines, can follow quite clearly what is going on really, but it is to the mass market where most of the crimes are committed by the media, and yes it is crimes, for if only the real truth was allowed to be written and reported in full , and not the redacted versions (to suit our foreign policy) Then maybe the injustices that are so blatant, might not look as bad if the people can say that they are being heard fairly, and that the powers that   be, can be and are being held to account, by fair International laws, and not have the lobbying powers holding the International community to ransom by their bullying tactics that usurps all laws to suit the few with the biggest stick’s and the largest financial clout.

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