I remember a time when our nurses and doctors were treated like they deserve, but sadly these days are long gone, so surely we must ask ourselves why ?,  or what is it that has caused us to hesitate when we think of what we really think about our NHS.

Well I know, and although it’s just my opinion, I’m sure that most people will agree,   that the value that springs to mind  first and foremost is the ” cost of everything”  and placing a division between those that the NHS was really  meant for, in the first place, and that was for  the vulnerable and the poor working class, because the middle classes have always had access to good healthcare , or at least what they were willing to pay for.  of course the upper echelons of our society, always  had the best care even to this very day they can pick and choose  and the choices they have are   having such  negative effect in the way the NHS is perceived and is now pointing at the gaps opening up in the services it can’t provide, or as I think, “won’t provide” because, of  the cost’s,’ they say.                                                                But more more often than not they still use the NHS for the major stuff  the same as us all ,  but partake in the private sector when they don’t want to wait, sort of jumping the queue  when it suits them,if you like.

Well  if we allow this to go on and on ,then there will not be an NHS, there will only be, you get what you can afford, or if we allow these managers the power to deny treatment on cost’s alone, then there will be such a shift, that it will lead back to why it was set up in the first place, and that was that nobody should be denied a good health care soley on what your bank account would allow  and therein lies the death of the NHS,  for it was meant to give the same care to everyone, regardless of  the cost’s, and this buying in of care by the rich means that the poor are not getting the best healthcare money can provide, or else why do the rich pay for any services outside the NHS, because it brings back the class system in a way that can not be denied, this is simply put, and I hope simply understood.

So I believe the running of a NHS must mean ,and must show  people, that getting the best means paying more, and if all the money going into the private sector was invested into the real NHS then there would be a closing of the gaps instead of widening and therefore an ending of a health service as it now stands.

We have already a three and four tier NHS, and it will get worse, and nurses and doctors must in the end , end up treating patients in the manner that they can pay for and I believe a nurse working part-time in the private sector  and then coming into the NHS and doing the other part-time work, is already treating poor patients and vulnerable patients differently and by that I mean they view patients differently, the difference doesn’t matter what matters that there is already a vast difference and we all know what…you get what you pay for…means… and it really is a vast difference  when you are ill and you know some guy next door in the private room is and will get the very best, and if he doesn’t  then also because, he has access to good lawyers . But then again it’s something  govt’s  do not want to even acknowledge, that it  already exist’s .

If anyone would like to see the differences ,then a little visit to any hospital where you can watch how ` a consultant acts when talking to or treating  a NHS patient, then you only need to walk round the corner and go to Harley Street, or possibly some of the top clinics and Hospitals  in London and yes  around the world, I mean they learn their trade by working and learning on the poor NHS patients in our UK, only then to  set up a practice in the private sector, some could say , (and I can say for certain)that  learning your trade working  in a NHS teaching hospital, then you owe the NHS , or at the very least , show some respect to the people your learning on and for them then, to go and only practice in the lucrative private sector, proves what they think and what value they place on training on predominately  the poor and mostly working-class, within the NHS as a whole. But I want to add that this is only a minority, but still , those who work within our NHS hospitals must already know that some consultants think they are in a world of their own, probably due to the respect we hold them in (or once had)                                                                                                                                                                                                      I’m sure every nurse has a story to tell about the rudeness of these managers and consultants, (only a small minority maybe), but enough to do no end of damage  to all around them, and it can possibly ruin a Hospitals reputation,  they then feel obliged to defend their territory at all cost’s, with very little empathy for those on the receiving end  of what inevitably this policy says to any victims, and it then can escalate , and innocent people may be harmed in the possible outcomes, just to simple rudeness maybe, but I suspect that rudeness is only a symptom .

So the private sector,    Bupa (the biggest), and other insurance-led healthcare, who are biting into the lucrative end of the market, and they have by stealth, placed such a resentment(I Believe on purpose) into the community, between those who pay, that is everyone, and those that think they pay more,( as they see it they do not use the NHS, why should they pay) and then there is the poor and the vulnerable who rely completely  on the NHS and why it was set up in the first place, (because those were the people who were the cannon fodder, in both war’s)                                               ,      The politicians at the time of the war used slogans like…every man must do his duty…we’re all in it together…  equality and fairness was in the air,  so the Conservatives bit their tongue, and went with the tune…but they were taken there by the scruff of their neck.

Up to the war, the poor were charity cases, and  many charities that were set up to assuage  the guilt of the Tories, and this attitude is again in the air, thanks to the values that are changing our society again, the values that place all worth, in the amount you have in your bank account, that is of course  your ability to pay.

This attitude was bound to raise it’s head again, where the NHS managers are now making  so many decisions for the doctors and nurses,  who must eventually feel that the poor  the vulnerable and the unemployed, aren’t as valued in our society, as they once were, when it was largely those very men and women that kept Britain afloat .                                                        But with  Manager’s making decisions around  cost’s (and it is always easy to deny those with no clout, as opposed to those with) also there is a concerted effort to drive this wedge deeper by lobbing into the community statements of how much  it cost’s to treat asylum seekers,  is a tactic that these private investment companies,  like Hedge fund managers, talking to  Pr companies, talking to the research poll companies, talking and working for the media companies,  paid by  advertising companies, who are owned and funded by the Media Barons, who control the whole kit and caboodle, you do not have to be a majority share holder, to control or manipulate the policies , and therein certain feelings flowing into  society through the drip drip of   poisonous stories through our Media, Media that is in the hands of a few oligarchs, so making it  so easy for them to manipulate our feelings and appeal to the bile within us , So when they pick up their daily tabloid, they are told who is to blame, and at night they see them on TV  being sneered at in every other TV program , programs like “Benefits street”, or the “19 kids and living on the dole .

So these attitudes ebb out into the NHS, where this sneering is common-place, and shows in  how they treat patients,  and where respect for everyone, no matter who they are, is very much  becoming a thing of the past, so is it any wonder that the respect for our Nurses and Doctors, (we once gave unreservedly ) is not what it once was, for we are not  “One Country ” “One People” or “One NHS”  for all  people’s  living in the UK.                                                                                                No’  by appealing to the bile that is in us all.   Is not a very nice thing to watch the community turned in on itself every time an election comes along.  As you see too much power and money  accumulated into the hands of a few manipulators, who control  our media, for their own personal prejudices,  and by that telling us all what to think and who to turn on, and whereas we were a country built on Christian values( these values  in all religions)  of not kicking people when they are down, and certainly not denying people the right to be treated equally, and the worst one of all throwing off our most basic principle of  all and that is everyone is innocent till proven guilty, instead Bombs will go off  ,missiles sent, it seems at the mere whiff of suspicion, then we will take your other eye, and we will slap you on both cheeks, for empathy and forgiveness seems so far away from our minds these days, and  bile has taken over.

Surely we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be so easy manipulated by those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, for they  want their pound of flesh…Now…it  seems.

But it is our own fault, we’ve become lazy thinkers, we’ve become so easy to manipulate, for example, those of us with computers, must have noticed a preponderance of Gambling adds all over the place, every second add coming through our internet pages is somehow related to gambling,  and Casino’s are being set up all over London at the moment, and I’m sure throughout the UK.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       But If you look around ,I suspect you may find some Backers of our London Politicians come from a life making a living from gambling,  you will also see,  how a well placed few quid can get you quite a return, one party in particular is practically funded by one right wing old buffer who made much of his money from gambling.



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