Please don’t think I dislike Americans, but come on , When a…Right Wing War Criminal…can saunter in to its Congress building and makes a speech, just to insult the President(I think it’s a knocking bet),  ( by his presence alone he  insults so many people, including the President, who are all  working so hard for a peace process)    (never mind Israel’s  past, in the murdering of so many American servicemen and women, and the much spying it does in, and on America, year on year) For when Bibi  Netanyahu swaggers into such a place, He holds two fingers up to the world, not to mention his insults to all of the ICC countries,   (many countries in Europe have arrest warrants waiting his arrival ) if  he ever does, ‘that is,  because, he can’t  come to London without assurances of diplomatic  immunity (from our stupid Hypocritical gov’t) nor  any of the…War Criminal Generals…  who ordered the dropping of these phosphorus Bombs, not forgetting so many other crimes, you see’  Israel never fights on the ground (when they do they get their ass kicked) no these brave men get others to do their dirty deeds, Hence the speech to congress, in trying to stop another country exercising its Democratic right.

It couldn’t be that Israel has committed so many crimes in the Middle East, that it is quite rightly in fear of her neighbours, due to her very  own behaviour in her treatment of all thing’s Arab  and Arab lands, and so many other thing’s Hidden from and by the Media, and of course Her own Hypocrisy of owning Nuclear Weapons, not to mention all the other evil weaponry in the Biological field Hidden by her friends and Owners in

the International Media, who consistently refuse to investigate Israeli  biological weaponry, and all the other nasty weapons that all civilized countries have signed up to ending , But Israel with confidence feels she can do anything she damn well pleases ,after all she has “The Congress”  in her pocket’s, or “She Owns So Many Of Them Outright,  For I do not believe so many men can be so stupid, but then again they have so very little to fear from the American media,  after all, they inhabit the same puddle.


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