Who are having to pay for Bailing the Banks out ???

I know it was necessary to bail the Banks out, but why is it that the politicians are forgetting that it is there  where the Debt comes from , as the Tories are doing, as they jump up and down in unison shouting,  the “Debt Crisis” as if it was our fault, that the whole lot of them, were “Fucking Corrupt” .

Yes’…do you notice how the politicians (from all party’s) forget this salient point, and the Tories really have a cheek,  in how they refuse to mention this in any TV debate, as they (again) ‘in unison’ shout out, that they are going to cut “Again” from (the services), that mostly the poor rely on, making the point ,that it is mainly from the poor and the disabled , where 12 Billion is going to be taken from, (if they are re-elected) to service the “Debt” “what Bloody Debt”.

I say that because,  during an election they tell us about how  the poor are not working hard enough, whether it’s to do with the wages being too high, or that the British worker does not work hard enough compared with the Chinese or Indians, where all the ” over-paid chairmen and executives” have outsourced all the work,(and stood up and were rewarded by the shareholders) .

This is the very reason that these people give for keeping their wages at ludicrous levels, you always hear the argument, Oh but they have talent, and you must pay talent what their worth, for fuck’s sake anyone can cut wages for the workers and blackmail their suppliers into reducing their prices, there is no real bloody talent in that, I would say anyone could do that, and I mean anyone.

So again it’s the poor and the less well off middle classes who will have to pay for the mistakes of the “Wankers em! sorry Bankers, and the bloody politicians, who never set any examples by their giving up any of their hidden benefits, and when are we going to get rid of the “House of Lords”, How Much ? are we asking them to pay towards helping to pay off this  “Debt”… that we keep hearing about.

I know for a fact that the top ten percent have doubled their wealth since the Conservatives came to power, I know as I go down Kings Road(London) that the eateries (where a meal cost’s a £100 per person) are choc a bloc, and that’s a real sign that the wealthy are doing fine, thank you very much.

The other sign is the amount of  middle age men(in mid-life crises) driving Ferrari’s and porches’ and never have I seen so many Bentley’s’ with parking ticket’s (they don’t care, £80 to them is nothing) and it’s another sign that the wealthy are doing well because, if you can ignore, and take the parking fines in your stride, then there is something seriously wrong with our system, because a parking fine really hit’s me for six, as I can’t afford it, but they cock a snoop at traffic wardens and council’s, because they can.

Here in London is where you see just how the wealthy are doing, and I mean really doing;   So Messrs’ Osborn and Cameron and your Etonian Elite that have never been hungry in your life, I say to you, visit the food queues and see how the real the suffering is for the many people who you can see round my area in the early evening, it’s a new thing to watch, old people queuing up to get some of the basics, like I seen the other evening, and it was obscene as two feet away were two Ferrari’s and a Bentley humming away (both drivers on their mobiles) in the traffic jam.

I can tell you without a doubt that there are those that are suffering, and there are those that have never suffered , and the Tories have turned this into an art form, you see they take from those that can’t afford it , only to give it to those who don’t need it.

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