What is The Difference, Between ISIS and Hasidic Israeli’s

If  as a Jewish person  it is acceptable for them to go and serve in the IDF ( the Israeli Defence Forces), travelling from any country in the World, to fight  for, and to create a greater a Israel and for this, “Jewish State” , for the Jewish people only, as was trumpeted recently by Benyamin Netanyahu, to the Israeli people,  during the recent elections .               But I’ve not heard what he intends to do with the Palestinians,  Christians, or any other people who’s religion is not Jewish, and who’s land it is now, (that he’s planning on stealing to create this greater Israel),  so as he shift’s borders and land grabs, from  Palestinians  he wishes to,. either ignore, or maybe build a wall around them, to pretend they don’t exist, and (as is usual), nothing is mentioned by the International community or  from the Established Media, as their citizens are encouraged take dual citizenship by Israel, as they too are enticed  by mad rhetoric of restoring a greater Israel, some of this rhetoric is pure racist nonsense,  some other things coming out of these “Rabid Rabbi’s” mouths, are as dangerous as anything that these like-minded “Mad Mullah’s”  say to their followers, like  these ISIS Caliphate people who want a Muslim State  run by Sharia laws, just like the greater Israeli orthodox community want, and so “Lure” young Jewish men and women online,  to fight for a greater Israel .                                                                                                                                    So When is the International media going to focus on the Jews, who are also’ going to fight and commit their own war crimes, instead,  we just Demonise the Muslim community , but after all, the Palestinians are predominately Muslim, and anyone who thinks for her or his-self, knows full well, that this’  ISIS thing, is just too good a thing to waste, so our…Jumping up and down Media…gives over acres of space…to the arrest of some love-sick schoolgirl in a veil. Whilst most are maybe miss-guided (most of whom only want the chance to work for charities in Syria or in Iraq or maybe Afghanistan), But taking aid, it seems, must  be the prerogative of just the Christian people,  according to our Western media outlet’s, but if you are a Muslim, and seek to aid your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, then you must be a terrorist and arrested.

So our overly keen police and security services who are struggling to find(real terrorists) bodies to parade before the Media, so go after anyone with a veil leaving our shores. and so these young girls and boys following their religious  consciences,  like all young people everywhere, seek to do their duty for their community.  So I fail to see the difference between  a young  Muslim girl wanting to bring aid to the suffering, like so many young Christian women and men do, but yet, we do not arrest them…our media are eagerly willing to ignore this hypocrisy as long as it fit’s in with the agenda  emanating from the drawing rooms of the manor houses of our still secure aristocratic robber Baron’s, and some who are still in Hock to the Rothschild’s or some other Banker ,  and are only too keen to take their shilling and do their bidding, and so all thing’s Muslim and Palestinian are raked over far too often, and always for the agenda set, by our ever so honest media.

For fairness is so often paraded before us as if it is so easy to see and do, or more importantly to legislate for; well the first thing is to “think” fairly, and once thought out  a whole lot of further thought must go into bringing it into a format that we can live with, without the EDL ER’S OR UKIPPER’S gaining too much ground , or from a politicians  point of view,  loosing too much of their political power,  in the processing of this fairness.

But the machinations of the political process can’t stomach too much of the actual fairness talked of and hyped by our politicians.   For it is too much like being fair.

Fairness and the Palestinians seem to be  destined  never to meet, as long as the Hypocritical Media and the system stays the same…Shame on us all

2 thoughts on “What is The Difference, Between ISIS and Hasidic Israeli’s

  1. Well said. Though I don’t think the word Hasidic belongs in the title. Most Hasidic people don’t believe there should be a Jewish state until the coming of the messiah and refuse to celebrate the Israeli independence day or serve in the IDF.


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