Tony B-liar’s Poodles Kicking Jeremy

It’s a crying shame what these people in the Labour Party are trying to do to Jeremy Corbyn.

These people ,  Tony B-liars dogs, are whispering in the ears of  Murdoch’s Hack’s,  and are doing no end of damage to the Labour Party.

The problem is that Jeremy makes it so  easy for them, after all that’s why the B-liar brought them into his pack for, to feed the press their diet of juicy stories and they know nothing else, other than gossiping about one another, and keeping the office clean.

So  Jeremy Corbyn must get them out, or get them working for him, and the real Labour Party. But are they up to it ?, or are they just too loyal to the last Leader ?  But it just might be, that the skills they have, are of no real value to someone who cares about the Labour Party as much as Jeremy Corbyn does, most of them are Hyenas, and hunted in their own pack , and most of them contributed too much to the Pink pound , with Mandelson as their other leader, so are possibly,  just not up to working with the working man of the real Labour Party.

But let’s face it, the media have been given their ever so obvious remit,  because Jeremy Corbyn  is certainly no friend of the AIPAC Lobbying types, who hung out so easily with Mandelson’s coterie in the dark clubs around Westminster, so  Jeremy must clean house and quick .


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