What would you do if it was your child ???

I would like people to the watch this piece of Video,https://youtu.be/R3iYoxc3dYI  and then ask themselves just what would you do if you seen your child being taken away in a military vehicle, knowing very well, that once your child is taken away,  so many terrible atrocities might happen to him, I doubt even the worst of the Jewish sympathisers and funders of Israel, will not sympathize with these parent’s, or  friends in this video.

But what are these soldiers up to?, they are masked, (this fact on it’s own, traumatises) they are obviously taunting the man by arresting this child,  one wonders why they would arrest a child in the first place(after all they are brave Israeli soldiers arresting a child), if not for some other reason like provoking the father or uncle, (or any Palestinian adult)  who know the child .     But only in Israel,  do soldiers use a child in this way, it seems obvious that they see Palestinian children as just another Arab, and therefor treated as they see fit and at their will, for Palestinian Children are  less valuable than Jewish Children , why is this ?.     They make no attempt to hide what they are doing, Why is this, ? we must ask ourselves;   although some cover their faces,  it still does not make sense, unless  than as a terror tactic on the Palestinian people, because the people know’ that once the child is out sight and into their custody, then they will truly frighten and traumatise the child and there is the true outcome from these tactics.

Israel goes to extreme lengths and terms, to protect it’s  own citizens, and  even further lengths to protect their own children from being traumatised by all the violence, so much so, that much violence meted out to the Palestinians will never happen…unless it can’t be helped…So it’s usually during their own children’s school hours , or at night while they are in bed, that is the time they traumatise the Palestinian children, as a state, while their own are safely tucked  up in bed…that little nugget… is proof positive… that they know exactly… what they are doing… at all times, and everyday as they are made to pass through these security checkpoint’s, like they are cattle, and like in this video are prodded into reacting to so many provacations.      After all, the IDF , employs and utilises more psychologist’s in the involvement of these tactics, than any other country in the free world, it may actually be the only country in the free world that treats children like they treat this Palestinian child in this video. So why is it that  Americans  or in the UK  Jewish people  allow this to happen, by their funding of Israeli settlement’s and many other hidden thing’s that never comes under any scrutiny, and in so many instances British and American firms will and do  benefit from this kind of psychological terror inflicted on Palestinian Children on a daily basis.

So why do these companies still benefit from these tactic’s, why are we not holding them to account ??.



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