I thought the British people were sensible, I thought we were comfortably settled into Europe, and I thought that there was no chance that we would vote to leave- sadly on all three I was wrong… very wrong indeed.

So those of us who voted to remain are dragged backwards into an environment that harks back to the days of Nationalism and the Empire, don’t these people know  how we will be seen by our neighbours… as a sad old lady dying her hair and resorting to Botox and we all know how that looks in daylight.

Now we must really give our attention to the people who now say they are going to lead us; in the past I never looked past the loony label when thinking  of UKIP , I thought they were just the BNP  in drag , who some old duffer was funding and running,  and who was on the run from the Conservative party.

But  “Now” they must be defrocked  of respectability, driven into the cold light of day, like we look at a second hand car , once we’ve got it home and away from the seller.

So what have we got? well let’s look at their policies, they have none, apart from pointing fingers at the dispossessed  and the vulnerable, they have said nothing.

They blame everyone, they hate foreigners, they want our country back, they want our borders back, just who do they think they are taking them back from?  Scotland will most certainly run another referendum and then the UK will be no more, for Scotland will most certainly vote to leave this Botoxed harridan that England has now become.

We can not go backwards,  the Human Condition is that we  change,  go forward and multiply, but hopefully the “Nasty Party” will be seen for what they are because I do not believe that common sense will not prevail and that we will find a way around this stupidity…once the conservative party has settled it’s old scores within it’s ranks.




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