Well Done Jeremy out with the old and in with the new.

I believe that now that Jeremy Corbyn has the members backing “again”, that this Westminster Bubble must be burst, and these  “suitcase placemen and women…rooted out.                                                                                                                                                Politicians who were drafted in by the back door, due to Blair and Brown pandering to the Media owners, whose agenda’s only come from on high, on high being the powerful groups behind the throne, you know’ those that select the politicians and set the agenda and who will do their bidding once in office

I say let’s also stop worrying about some lobbying and manufactured Headlines that only come from those who have wrested control away from the ordinary person on the street, and who have been lied to and manipulated  by these slick-willy characters and the B-liars, who bow to the Murdoch’s first and foremost, and who fear  too much about ending up in Murdoch’s stock’s, rather than facing the ordinary voter, because that’s where the answers are in how the Labour Party marches back to power.