Tony Blair and his coterie of acolyte’s,  sold their soul’s to Murdoch’s Tabloids and who did nothing without first phoning up all the Editors and kissing their asses for a good headline.

Labour must never again sell their soul to the proprietors of the Media, for you see that policy at work at this very moment , in how they scurry about whispering into the ears of Murdoch’s lap dogs, using the courts to steal  members  right to vote, not to mention the money paid into the coffers of the Labour party by the very members who they fleeced out of £25 for this very vote…this is classic Blairism

Well I say to the new leader, (Jeremy Corbyn ) that these people languishing in  safe seats, who think that they are safe, well they can’t run away from some of the decisions made in the recent past, namely the poodles who voted to go to war, when a million ordinary men and women voted with their feet to tell them that is was illegal , and that the Media were selling the public a war that  was wrong, immoral, and illegal, and that Tony Blair was a flawed individual, used by  Media Barons,Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove  and Bush, to further their own plans in fighting wars(for others) by proxy.

So those Labour MP’S  who are now jumping up and down in tandem squeaking to the media, must be rooted out as soon as is possible, so that we can once again talk freely to the electorate about the policies that really matter.

Thing’s like our NHS being privatised through the back door, our railway system , where people are treated no worse than cattle every morning, not to mention  Directors of these companies awarding themselves exorbitant salaries and dividends  year on year, but still the system is in chaos.

Blairism was a  Bad memory for the electorate, that put off so many voters and has elected the Tories;  the voters that matter, must now be allowed their voices to be heard and acted upon, without  firstly   phoning the Media up to see if it is acceptable to those agents working in the media for those who pay their ridiculous fees and not for and in the interests of the British people.                                                                                                            There are many reasons why the Media do not work for the general public and their interests, but only for the owners and their political point of view and our Democratic rights have suffered no end, for who can get elected before they have been vetted by the Murdock’s , The gambler, and the pornographer who are also now part of our Media owner’s club   who pull the levers of our Democracy which ends up with people like Blair being  given almost a free hand,who because of the Medias deals behind the scene with Blair meant that he never got any real criticism which allowed him to start a war illegally through the same people egging him on by pandering (though really laughing) to his ego. But when the bubble burst and the Media ( who were caught out in their dereliction of duty to the public to holding these people to account), in their,  “purposely” ignoring,  the lies, emanating from Bair and Bush, which were obvious to most of the electorate.                                                                                                                                                        So we must ask ourselves, who are these people behind the scenes? The Lobbying powers who pull so many chains in the parliamentary process to get their policies  and  wars by proxy, shunted through our parliament’ without any real scrutiny.

I started writing this article  at the time of the brouhaha around the election of Jeremy Corbyn, and our ever so fair Media Establishment’s  attempt at  driving their  Anti-Semitism bandwagon through the democratic process, it failed ,this time’ because Jeremy Corbyn was elected.  But this does not mean that they have went away,  it just means that they will drive their bandwagon into other avenues and the drivers of this bandwagon will continue the process of circumventing our democratic process.  this time they have been outed by Al Jazzeera

It is so sad that our own Media ignored everything that was so obvious to those of us who follow events closely, especially when it relates to very important issues around the democratic process, and circumventing that lobbying powers are and have managed so successfully in the past especially in America where the control of all levers are now in the hands of certain lobbying powers . They are so confident that they even passed a vote in the congress to make criticism of Israel  Anti-Semitic and a hate-crime therefor stopping the BDS campaign against illegal settlement’s in Palestine, but it is doomed to failure due to freedom of speech and political freedom.

If anything it should be a criminal offence for anyone in parliament or for that matter in the Senate to work for another country , like raising issues in question time, that the Israeli regime want done, while they flout so many UN resolutions with impunity, and that’s why working for Israel and these lobbying powers like Aipac and Friends of Israel must be shunned, till Israel implements and obeys UN resolutions to the letter, or else what is the use of passing resolutions if certain political influences can castrate the will of the of the UN by political favours granted to certain donors and lobbying powers from individuals in the house of representative’s and in our own house of parliament in the UK.