Tony Blair and his coterie of acolyte’s,  sold their soul’s to Murdoch’s Tabloids and who did nothing without first phoning up all the Editors and kissing their asses for a good headline.

Labour must never again sell their soul to the proprietors of the Media, for you see that policy at work at this very moment , in how they scurry about whispering into the ears of Murdoch’s lap dogs, using the courts to steal  members  right to vote, not to mention the money paid into the coffers of the Labour party by the very members who they fleeced out of £25 for this very vote…this is classic Blairism

Well I say to the new leader, (Jeremy Corbyn ) that these people languishing in  safe seats, who think that they are safe, well they can’t run away from some of the decisions made in the recent past, namely the poodles who voted to go to war, when a million ordinary men and women voted with their feet to tell them that is was illegal , and that the Media were selling the public a war that  was wrong, immoral, and illegal, and that Tony Blair was a flawed individual, used by  Media Barons,Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove  and Bush, to further their own plans in fighting wars(for others) by proxy.

So those Labour MP’S  who are now jumping up and down in tandem squeaking to the media, must be rooted out as soon as is possible, so that we can once again talk freely to the electorate about the policies that really matter.

Thing’s like our NHS being privatised through the back door, our railway system , where people are treated no worse than cattle every morning, not to mention  Directors of these companies awarding themselves exorbitant salaries and dividends  year on year, but still the system is in chaos.

Blairism was a  Bad memory for the electorate, that put off so many voters and has elected the Tories;  the voters that matter, must now be allowed their voices to be heard and acted upon, without  firstly   phoning the Media up to see if it is acceptable to those agents working in the media for those who pay their ridiculous fees and not for and in the interests of the British people.                                                                                                            There are many reasons why the Media do not work for the general public and their interests, but only for the owners and their political point of view and our Democratic rights have suffered no end, for who can get elected before they have been vetted by the Murdock’s , The gambler, and the pornographer who are also now part of our Media owner’s club   who pull the levers of our Democracy which ends up with people like Blair being  given almost a free hand,who because of the Medias deals behind the scene with Blair meant that he never got any real criticism which allowed him to start a war illegally through the same people egging him on by pandering (though really laughing) to his ego. But when the bubble burst and the Media ( who were caught out in their dereliction of duty to the public to holding these people to account), in their,  “purposely” ignoring,  the lies, emanating from Bair and Bush, which were obvious to most of the electorate.                                                                                                                                                        So we must ask ourselves, who are these people behind the scenes? The Lobbying powers who pull so many chains in the parliamentary process to get their policies  and  wars by proxy, shunted through our parliament’ without any real scrutiny.

I started writing this article  at the time of the brouhaha around the election of Jeremy Corbyn, and our ever so fair Media Establishment’s  attempt at  driving their  Anti-Semitism bandwagon through the democratic process, it failed ,this time’ because Jeremy Corbyn was elected.  But this does not mean that they have went away,  it just means that they will drive their bandwagon into other avenues and the drivers of this bandwagon will continue the process of circumventing our democratic process.  this time they have been outed by Al Jazzeera

It is so sad that our own Media ignored everything that was so obvious to those of us who follow events closely, especially when it relates to very important issues around the democratic process, and circumventing that lobbying powers are and have managed so successfully in the past especially in America where the control of all levers are now in the hands of certain lobbying powers . They are so confident that they even passed a vote in the congress to make criticism of Israel  Anti-Semitic and a hate-crime therefor stopping the BDS campaign against illegal settlement’s in Palestine, but it is doomed to failure due to freedom of speech and political freedom.

If anything it should be a criminal offence for anyone in parliament or for that matter in the Senate to work for another country , like raising issues in question time, that the Israeli regime want done, while they flout so many UN resolutions with impunity, and that’s why working for Israel and these lobbying powers like Aipac and Friends of Israel must be shunned, till Israel implements and obeys UN resolutions to the letter, or else what is the use of passing resolutions if certain political influences can castrate the will of the of the UN by political favours granted to certain donors and lobbying powers from individuals in the house of representative’s and in our own house of parliament in the UK.




Well Done Jeremy out with the old and in with the new.

I believe that now that Jeremy Corbyn has the members backing “again”, that this Westminster Bubble must be burst, and these  “suitcase placemen and women…rooted out.                                                                                                                                                Politicians who were drafted in by the back door, due to Blair and Brown pandering to the Media owners, whose agenda’s only come from on high, on high being the powerful groups behind the throne, you know’ those that select the politicians and set the agenda and who will do their bidding once in office

I say let’s also stop worrying about some lobbying and manufactured Headlines that only come from those who have wrested control away from the ordinary person on the street, and who have been lied to and manipulated  by these slick-willy characters and the B-liars, who bow to the Murdoch’s first and foremost, and who fear  too much about ending up in Murdoch’s stock’s, rather than facing the ordinary voter, because that’s where the answers are in how the Labour Party marches back to power.


I am left with such a bad taste in my mouth after parting with my membership fee to the Labour Party, which I thought would allow me a vote in the leadership election, not a bit of it,  Because I then found out that I would have to part with another fee of £25.

Now correct me if I’m wrong , is not the principle in the labour party to allow everyone to be seen as equals, regardless of what they have in their bank account, because this extortion of £25 from members is unfair, because it may well preclude so many of the people it says it represents or profess to represent, for the unwaged and so many of us living on benefits of one sort or another,  maybe do not have £25 to their name, let alone a spare £25 .

My anger at being fleeced by people who no more understand the people it is supposed to represent, because by this action, prove that they have more in common with those people who have just sold BHS for a pound, what was his name ?, ah yes , ” Sir’ Philip Green” who then justified it by saying it was allowed, because he could under the rules and I’m sure many of us have been stung by similar practices, of paying for something only to be told that you must buy something else to be able to use the product; these practices are well-known  in the business world where the same type of characters do this time and again.

Well we have them in spades at the top of the Labour Party after all they were appointed by characters who knew a thing or two about shady practices .


I joined the Labour Party again

I am now renewing my  Membership of the Labour Party after many years of being in the doldrums politically, due to the way the Labour Party has developed over the years into just another part of the establishment, and living in fear to the  media Barons, so much so that I stopped voting,  because the difference between the Tories and “New Labour”, regarding policies,  that were no different .

But I believe that Jeremy Corbyn  will ignite the Labour vote, especially with the young voter , because after “Tony Blair” started a war illegally, and that was after so many  ordinary Labour voters  marched in London begging him to not start that war, especially as it was illegal and morally wrong to do so.                                                                                            But our voices were ignored and his arrogance has led to the Labour Party going into the doldrums, and respect for the Labour Party was in tatters, and you only need to look at the country that gave birth to the Labour Party, (Scotland) to see and hear just what was and is wrong with the stupidly named “New Labour Party” that resides only in the bubble in London, made in London but ignored by the “Real Labour Party and real Labour voters in the rest of the UK but especially the Labour voters in Scotland.

But those politicians that followed him  were his lemmings, but sadly these  lemmings were left behind and they are now causing so much problems for the Leader of the present day Labour Party  and I hope Jeremy Corbyn does not give in to their whining because Blair is still in the background stirring the pot.

Please Jeremy do not give in to their whining …or I will again become an absent voter.


I thought the British people were sensible, I thought we were comfortably settled into Europe, and I thought that there was no chance that we would vote to leave- sadly on all three I was wrong… very wrong indeed.

So those of us who voted to remain are dragged backwards into an environment that harks back to the days of Nationalism and the Empire, don’t these people know  how we will be seen by our neighbours… as a sad old lady dying her hair and resorting to Botox and we all know how that looks in daylight.

Now we must really give our attention to the people who now say they are going to lead us; in the past I never looked past the loony label when thinking  of UKIP , I thought they were just the BNP  in drag , who some old duffer was funding and running,  and who was on the run from the Conservative party.

But  “Now” they must be defrocked  of respectability, driven into the cold light of day, like we look at a second hand car , once we’ve got it home and away from the seller.

So what have we got? well let’s look at their policies, they have none, apart from pointing fingers at the dispossessed  and the vulnerable, they have said nothing.

They blame everyone, they hate foreigners, they want our country back, they want our borders back, just who do they think they are taking them back from?  Scotland will most certainly run another referendum and then the UK will be no more, for Scotland will most certainly vote to leave this Botoxed harridan that England has now become.

We can not go backwards,  the Human Condition is that we  change,  go forward and multiply, but hopefully the “Nasty Party” will be seen for what they are because I do not believe that common sense will not prevail and that we will find a way around this stupidity…once the conservative party has settled it’s old scores within it’s ranks.




Dinner party liberals, and suitcase politicians.

I watch so many of yesterdays movers and shakers in the Labour Party with interest, you know those who were more interested in the top table ,  their climbing up the greasy pole to get power and access to areas where all the things they want are kept . They were never really interested in changing the status-quo or to redistribute Britain’s ill-gotten gains where they can alleviate some of the terrible sufferings that this life can bring to so many .

You see Blair was first and foremost a Lawyer, from the elite side of Edinburgh  So he fitted in rather well in Islington, and of course it was so near the city, so he was off to a head start  when he was elected  leader of the Labour party.  Therein lies the problem of politics in the UK, because if there is anything that has corrupted politics it is a conjoining of the moneyed class and the legal profession. The  political process is set up to represent these two groups, and you only need to look at what most of our politicians(especially at the top-table of  the movers and shakers) did before they came into politics.

So Jeremy Corbyn is in an almost impossible position to try and claw back the thing’s that  Blair and Brown  took from the Labour party, because the other most important element in our politics is the Media, and where is most of our Media situated, that’s right, almost in between the City and Islington…in London .

So if we are to  try and make our politics more representative of the population as a whole, then it is imperative that Jeremy Corbyn  is left alone by our ever so fair Media, at least till he has gotten his feet under the table, it’s what the unwritten rule for the Media used to be, it was to lay off a newly elected leader for a certain amount of time.

But the opposite was true when Jeremy Corbyn was elected, almost to a man and woman working in the Media, they  turned on Jeremy, and that is a sad reflection on our Media  and of course our politics  today, because it wasn’t because of his left-wing politics (as they would like most of us to think) No it was because of his stance on Israel, and his support of the Palestinians, because it is the issue that dare not speak it’s name, and where so much bile lurks, and because of the weaponising of the term Anti-Semitism, by our Israeli friends working and controlling the media, so many people who really should know better, are taken in by such torpedo terms.

So How can he make sure that he’s heard in the places needed to claw back those voters who have fallen into a trance, about whatever the accountants and bank managers tell them, and why we must buckle down and pay off our,.. but mostly “their” debts, and those I’m talking about have hidden so much, and prevaricated about everything till the headlines moved on, and they have now crept back.   The city is in fact run by spiv’s and Bankers, or is it Bankers and spiv’s. Bankers who were as much involved as the spiv’s when it came to sticking their hand into the cookie jar, and most of them have got off scot-free, and most of them are still in there doing the same thing as before .

So this debt they keep yapping about, is it our fault, I think not, But it is being used to control us at the ballot box, as if everything in this life that matters most, is in  £’s Shilling’s and Pence.

I think what matters most is to become a better society a more equal society where the worlds resources are not controlled by oligarch’s , or some  Billionaire, who own thing’s that really shouldn’t be owned  or controlled by any one person, or even any one country for that matter.

There has to be a better way to run our Democracy, for we can’t vote out those in control of the levers, for politics has become a profession where men and women will move to wherever they can get into power, they Do a Winston Churchill,(who was a Rothschild entity, who took many a shilling from many a billionaire) and will shift and change any of their views that hinders them getting attention and access to power.  Mandy, sorry “Lord” Mandelson,( Jeeze don’t you just love them) “Lord… indeed,  is a case in point, where carousing on Billionaires  Yachts was the thing to do, oddly enough Churchill did the same thing, and we all know who controlled his levers.

The other Lord, em this one called Levy,” Lord Levy”, was the paymaster General of the labour party, where Blair derived his funding,(pushing out the Unions) and some would say pushed his levers, and Lord Levy, was too close to many in the Media, and of course Mossad…now where did Blair go once he was evicted? enough said.

Injustice breeds dissent,  look around and think, think where the worst injustices take place and how such injustices breed and how it spreads, and spreads out, where  in the end it infects nearly everything around it; That is where the ordinary voice can make a difference, because with such Injustice so blatantly meted out, shows that  we all have a common goal to get around, and in so doing, we can think just what it is that is wrong, and though they have the levers; We have each other, and if we shout in unison we must be heard.

Yes that may sound trite, but the levers of power are always in the hands of the same people , the politicians may be voted out, but those brought before us will be carefully vetted, that no matter who we vote for, the outcome will be the same. The injustices of this system will continue;  Just Look at how the holders of this power are in fear of Jeremy Corbyn, Why ? it is because they will not have control of him, because he speaks his mind and does not like the injustice that this system brings , just research  the headlines,  look where ? and who is writing them, look at the words used, have they changed since he was elected, are they said in unison ?  by certain quarters? by certain journalist’s? by certain newspapers ? and if the answer to all of these is yes, then there is a  conspiracy that seeks to influence , and this influence is wrong and it is unaccountable and it has bred injustice into our system to such an extent that all the most important decisions for our country are done round the dinner table of the Rothschild’s, or on some Island, or on some billionaires yacht, for they all get together and wars are started  sometimes on the whim of a couple of people who may be stuffing , or tanning their faces on some billionaires yacht, and our prime ministers are helicoptered in to be told what to do and what policies they should follow to further their own goals .

So I hope when the Helicopter of the Murdoch’s arrive , Jeremy Corbyn  will not get on board after all that’s what Tony B-liar did, and lo and behold the Murdoch press got behind Him. But just look where it took him,  and  where B-liar dragged the principles of Labour Party and dumped them all at the feet of the Media Barons.

So I do hope that the parliamentary Labour Party stops worrying about themselves, or get out and allow those in who will not pander to a few old men in shawls,and just because of a few old dirty tricks used by the Media and their paymasters.


Mr President…Do you have it in you…to tilt Back, the scales of Justice.

Mr President…I’m a Brit, but  Justice matters not borders. The Justice I’m talking about is in the “International Arena”, where America is not the beacon it wants to be seen as,  as she Hypocritically  stamps  her feet  all over the place, as if trying to prove, (mostly to herself) that she is an ethically driven Democracy.                                                                                                                                    Nah..  just a sad old lady, that has tilted so far into the areas of Hypocrisy, as to be seen almost as a whore, for the ultra orthodox Ashkenazi lot,(it’s funny,but those people  do not recognise a lady’s right to Judge them;  So they go on stacking the scales in their favour, and the right’s and wrong’s to America’s standing,  matters not a jot to them, for they worship and sup at another’s cup, and rudely laugh as America continues to be seen as a laughing-stock on the International stage, where Justice and the respect for Justice matters most,  but especially to those children, who believed those spivs sent by Bush, Rove, and Cheney , alongside the Bales of dollars.                                                     American Hypocrisy is  plain to see in who their propping up in Egypt, whose hands are dripping with blood ) those that are dying in all those sad places, where  America and Israel has turned off Justice… wait ?? Mr President , for I can hear the cry’s of all these people shouting in unison for Justice, instead the lady is sending them bullet’s, and all the other brutal restraint’s needed to block out their cry’s .

But we know that American politics, is corrupt by the way she does business;  Yes  it is a business now, this politics thing ,(as Trump is proving) and because it is essentially that, a business,’ a business without ethics,, because those in it  are working for something, or more to the point for someone else,  They Who Just sit in the “Zionist Chamber” “The  House of representatives”, for their own business  interest’s…is  the business of politics…. in today’s Congress…as it plan’s  Israeli  Business..and their wars… by proxy.

American  and  UK Hypocrisy  cause so much propaganda for the extremist’s to exploit , when we  fly Drones over to do our illegal and immoral  assassinations.   We all know these dreadful details,  all the countries in the UN knows it, and it prevents  them doing their job on the ground; which is to try and spread the  Democratic way of life   but they can’t, because of the crimes being committed by these Drones, and by our propping up tyrant’s, and of course our refusal to Sanction Israel, and so many countries in the UN  or are too cowardly to stand up and speak out, and I suspect you know it too Mr President, for as long as American arms and money go to prop up, and yes act as  an apologist for Egyptian and Israeli crimes, and the Vetoing of any sanctions for the many Human Right’s abuses inflicted on Palestinians and the Egyptian people , and so our silence brings forth Martyr’s galore.

Mr President ,Sir, I know you are constrained by the many deals you would have had to make long before you took office, because those that live and wander in the dark would never have allowed you into office, unless they were given certain understandings ,  power and ego’s  is opium to the power-brokers, and they corrupt politicians long before they are elected to office, and the deals that were made by you were plain to see, and that is unforgivable in itself.

The Iranian deal was something, but the Iranians themselves had more to do with it than I suspect you did, after all they elected Hassan Rouhani.

Guantanamo Bay is all that needs to be said, for in the field of Human Right’s nothing stands out more than locking people up without trial, in regards to the most basic right that  as a citizen and as a Human Being that we have, and of course the rule of law, and these were and are sadly lacking in Guantanamo Bay to the present day.

Hypocritical Politicians are a dime a dozen, and I know that there was much hype around you and of course the promises;  I as a citizen of the world sadly fed into the hype and yes’ got carried away on it, but it did not last long, and you’re not the first politician to get carried away on their own hype, or to believe in their own promises, but coming after George  W Bush, and his gang, it was easier for you to shine and dazzle voters which you did to great effect, and it is that’ that I can’t get over, because you of all people knew better, after all you alluded to it on many occasions over the years, well why did you allow the Egyptian Tyrant into office? Why didn’t you fight the Israeli  Lobby ? and why did you allow these Drone Murders to continue ? and yes Guantanamo Bay ?  so it is all too obvious, that you are just another politician that promised too much and gave too little.

I know many people will not like me criticising you Mr President, but  as I watched you recently here in the UK , I was reminded of that walk by Tony Blair and his wife on the day he was elected, and the manner in which he strode down the Mall to Downing street, and I thought here was an ego maniac of the first order . With him you see, it was always there.

You Mr President are not an ego maniac, Thank God, it’s just that the trappings of office did something to you that I had not seen in you before, and also it’s that you could have made us proud,  you didn’t,  and that makes me sad.                                                                                                                                                                       But  you were just another politician wanting power and once ensconced in the office of President, you were overawed by it and forgot the things that made people vote for you, with all that power, and  you did not know what to do with it.

Now that is just my own humble opinion and I’m not in America or even American, so it comes from what you didn’t do in the International Arena, like the way you caved in to those powerful lobbying groups  who just cripple all decent policies that are much-needed, and that most UN countries want to see brought about;  But you did nothing to change the status quo; what a waste of everyone’s goodwill that you have squandered away on very little.

I am only an ordinary Joe, that lit up when I  you were elected President, sadly that is not the case now, Because I’m saddened by what I see on the Horizon,  and yes’ These Drones make me sick to my back teeth, Goodbye Mr President.

Tony B-liar’s Poodles Kicking Jeremy

It’s a crying shame what these people in the Labour Party are trying to do to Jeremy Corbyn.

These people ,  Tony B-liars dogs, are whispering in the ears of  Murdoch’s Hack’s,  and are doing no end of damage to the Labour Party.

The problem is that Jeremy makes it so  easy for them, after all that’s why the B-liar brought them into his pack for, to feed the press their diet of juicy stories and they know nothing else, other than gossiping about one another, and keeping the office clean.

So  Jeremy Corbyn must get them out, or get them working for him, and the real Labour Party. But are they up to it ?, or are they just too loyal to the last Leader ?  But it just might be, that the skills they have, are of no real value to someone who cares about the Labour Party as much as Jeremy Corbyn does, most of them are Hyenas, and hunted in their own pack , and most of them contributed too much to the Pink pound , with Mandelson as their other leader, so are possibly,  just not up to working with the working man of the real Labour Party.

But let’s face it, the media have been given their ever so obvious remit,  because Jeremy Corbyn  is certainly no friend of the AIPAC Lobbying types, who hung out so easily with Mandelson’s coterie in the dark clubs around Westminster, so  Jeremy must clean house and quick .


Our Chickens are Coming Home.

A View From London

`I Hate to say anything that may hurt the feelings of those who have lost loved ones, but it may be what is needed, for those that think that the pain that the French are going through, was not avoidable, are living in cloud cuckoo-land.

It does not take a genius to work out, where all this jumping up and down get’s us, it get’s us nothing but more pain, and those that jump the highest and speak in foghorn language, are never ever near the bullet’s or the bomb’s, they are only ever as near to the manufacturing of them as can be, and the worst of them are responsible for the making of them and the ordering of them.

So let us not listen to them, switch off the BBC and the CNN so we can mourn the failure of our political process, and learn to point the finger with more…

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Our Chickens are Coming Home.

`I Hate to say anything that may hurt the feelings of those who have lost loved ones, but it may be what is needed, for those that think that the pain that the French are going through, was not avoidable, are living in cloud cuckoo-land.

It does not take a genius to work out, where all this jumping up and down get’s us, it get’s us nothing but more pain, and those that jump the highest and speak in foghorn language, are never ever near the bullet’s or the bomb’s, they are only ever as near to the manufacturing of them as can be, and the worst of them are responsible for the making of them and the ordering of them.

So let us not listen to them, switch off the BBC and the CNN so we can mourn the failure of our political process, and learn to point the finger with more precision. For the dead are not even in the ground, when we are calling out to make more dead, as the vengeful raise their head the highest, but worse still, those that control the foghorns and bare much of the blame, are making up the  brew anew.

New thinking is needed, for it is we that are to blame, for deluding ourselves,  that the action we have taken up to now , stems from our compassion, respect for Humanity, and  the rule of law.  But if you do believe (and there are many) you do not deserve a vote, for stupidity is your middle name, “OR”  you are a stooge  and seek to get us to do your bidding, OR  AIPAC LOBBYIST, an Arms manufacturer, a friend of Israel, or you work for Murdoch and the Sun newspaper

Instead we must raise our hands and beg for forgiveness , for we should know better, our society is built on the respect for the law, and it does not end at Dover or John o groats, which it has been up to now, as we are giving carte blanche  to those that live in the dark  to decide , well I didn’t know that our ending of the death penalty, stopped at Dover.

We can not lecture anyone in the Middle East about  International law, or the respect for Human Right’s, for we are sending Drones to do our killing, and America point’s out Israel as a true Democracy, which is risible, and that Hypocrisy  Damn’s us to hell, along with America, and Israel.

We are to blame for all that is aflame all over the Middle East and it is now at our own doors, and Vengefulness will not do this time, for it is Christmass and we must remember not to pluck out both eyes, or to slap them on both cheeks, which we have allowed ourselves to be led into doing, which has led us to  this mess, by poisonous people, who manipulate us through the Media, our values and laws are founded on the principles of our love for our fellow man, and not allow ourselves to be led by those who care not a jot, for Christianity, but only how she can fool us into fighting her wars by proxy, and our stupidity in going down roads not of our making.