I joined the Labour Party again

I am now renewing my  Membership of the Labour Party after many years of being in the doldrums politically, due to the way the Labour Party has developed over the years into just another part of the establishment, and living in fear to the  media Barons, so much so that I stopped voting,  because the difference between the Tories and “New Labour”, regarding policies,  that were no different .

But I believe that Jeremy Corbyn  will ignite the Labour vote, especially with the young voter , because after “Tony Blair” started a war illegally, and that was after so many  ordinary Labour voters  marched in London begging him to not start that war, especially as it was illegal and morally wrong to do so.                                                                                            But our voices were ignored and his arrogance has led to the Labour Party going into the doldrums, and respect for the Labour Party was in tatters, and you only need to look at the country that gave birth to the Labour Party, (Scotland) to see and hear just what was and is wrong with the stupidly named “New Labour Party” that resides only in the bubble in London, made in London but ignored by the “Real Labour Party and real Labour voters in the rest of the UK but especially the Labour voters in Scotland.

But those politicians that followed him  were his lemmings, but sadly these  lemmings were left behind and they are now causing so much problems for the Leader of the present day Labour Party  and I hope Jeremy Corbyn does not give in to their whining because Blair is still in the background stirring the pot.

Please Jeremy do not give in to their whining …or I will again become an absent voter.

Jeremy Corbyn

Don’t you just love our Media, last week Jeremy Corbyn was made to bow to the Israeli  Zionist, lying , media Lobby.  They did this by  ( I knew they would do this) trailing through his past, where at the time he was trying to bring together people who may not have had a chance to meet each other personally,  without the Propaganda,  “lying machine” that is our Media, running propaganda stories that try to  spoil any chance of  ending the Gaza blockade, and so Jeremy runs their Gauntlet.                                                                                                  I wouldn’t mind, but they the Media, will not run stories about new ideas to bring a real peace to Palestine, they only run Holocaust Industry stories, anything that elicits support or sympathy for the Jewish Lobby is run in Headlines, ( anything that demonize the Muslim community, for they are seen by our media as supporters of Palestine) and by running these type of headlines, only too willingly, shows  a peace in Palestine will not come in my lifetime.

Also  Why is it that  there has been no real research  into certain people, certain publishing houses, coinciding with the setting up of certain rabble rousing groups  in and around European capitals. For it is obvious that certain publishing houses are purposely running stories for the sole purpose of  attacking  Mohamad…i.e.’….the Muslim community, with the   purpose of turning the European people against the Muslim community,  a little research by  any  decent Journalist, must be able to see the connection between  certain European  MP’s,  who are ex-Mossad agents (ex indeed) who were sent into Europe(after certain Israeli military research pointed out that Israel was hated due to its war crimes in Gaza and it’s boarding of ships in international waters and the success of the  BDS campaign) and briefed to stir up the European people…against the Muslim community… and so The Muslim community, are suckered into reacting to the provocation.

These elements sent from Israel proves without a shadow of a doubt, that she meddles in every country around the world, and she does this by her control of the media.  but there are  other powerful Lobbying Zionist Jewish groups, “conspiring”  to allow  elements from Israeli security services, to set up groups to stir up hatred against the Muslim community and to  plant propaganda stories into our ever so willing Media.

So Jeremy Corbyn, is an open window onto the corrupting influences, around those  who now control the political process, and if it means risking these slanderous statement’s around the term Anti Semitic (whatever that really means now) Then , bring it on , as I have nothing to lose , and I hate nobody, and would never dream of killing or asking to have killed, anyone whose politics I did not agree with, so it’s no use calling me out of date names.

These fact’s are well-known, but are unsaid, out of fear of  name calling, names, that do no favours to the “actual” sufferer’s”  from the second world war, and 9 times out of ten are nothing to do with what is being discussed  but are  used to great effect by  unscrupulous characters for their own gain, be it for pity, or financial gain, either way it is despicable to use it to silence debates around the powerful movers and shakers who know full well that what I’m saying are actual fact’s, so much so that there are 6 million Palestinian refugees, yes’.. it is…6 million refugees (oddly enough), scattered around the world, ethnically cleansed from their homes, these fact’s are actual proof as to the power that one group has over the free world, evidence for this is plain for anyone to see, how else could such blatant injustice be heaped on to one people, and practically nothing is said about it that is anywhere near the truth. .

I say that as over the years I have read so much tripe by journalist’s bending over backwards to avoid the truth, so it is laughable to call themselves journalist’s, because they refuse  to  use the  language needed,  to make readers pay attention , instead, it’s just ends up as  waffle, because in certain stories you must point the finger quite clearly at the guilty party, that is why the old South Africa is now a thing of the past, the only difference that still keeps Palestinians in a prison, is that the cowardly politicians are in cahoots with the regime that holds the Palestinian prisoners on their own land, and the media companies ,  do not do their  job, or are in on it with the Zionist’s, or more to the point, they may actually be off  the very same group, who conspires to keep the status quo in the Middle East.

So getting rid of the shit within our media  is far from easy ( due to the BBC being corrupted into taking the side of Israel, and evidence of the success of it is David Cohen and his commissioning programs that are cleverly pointing to Israel in a positive light, or running crying violin programs for the Holocaust Industry)  that attacks anyone like  Jeremy Corbyn,  for trying to end the suffering of the Palestinians.                                                                          The name calling is childish, but of course they know what name to use , as it conjures up the right image and so put’s fear into anyone who may listen to certain relevant fact’s,  worse still  if the person might be Jewish him or herself.

I am not a journalist, I am an ordinary individual who has waded through the smoke screen and the shit written to hide the most important fact’s about what is actually going on in Palestine, and of course the wider Middle East is aflame due to decisions taken in support for, and the protection  of  Israel,  and keeping her crimes from being seen for what they are.                                                                                                                                                                    I’m talking about those that are in power, and not the ordinary decent Jewish people or the innocent American citizen who may not know the extent of these crimes committed in their name.

Sadly the crimes and the hiding of these crimes are done in a planned manner, and so it takes in many avenues and ways to hide these crimes, and it’s people like Jeremy Corbyn who tries against the odds to shine a light on to the people and the system that is in place, Just to  cleverly get away with these monstrous crimes.

So I say to people, just watch and listen to the amount of abuse that Jeremy Corbyn  will have to endure, there will be attacks on his left leaning politics, and for that he will suffer, but the most vilest of abuse, will come from Israeli stooges , for nothing brings out the bile from our Media  than supporting  the Palestinians. So the “Telegraph” and the “Daily Mail” and Jewish “Rupert Murdoch” will almost certainly release their dog’s onto Jeremy Corbyn.            I feel sorry for him a little, (even though he is a politician) Because their bile knows no bounds where attacking Israel is concerned, and boy do I know just how vindictive the Jewish lobby can get, as my computer knows to its cost.

What is The Difference, Between ISIS and Hasidic Israeli’s

If  as a Jewish person  it is acceptable for them to go and serve in the IDF ( the Israeli Defence Forces), travelling from any country in the World, to fight  for, and to create a greater a Israel and for this, “Jewish State” , for the Jewish people only, as was trumpeted recently by Benyamin Netanyahu, to the Israeli people,  during the recent elections .               But I’ve not heard what he intends to do with the Palestinians,  Christians, or any other people who’s religion is not Jewish, and who’s land it is now, (that he’s planning on stealing to create this greater Israel),  so as he shift’s borders and land grabs, from  Palestinians  he wishes to,. either ignore, or maybe build a wall around them, to pretend they don’t exist, and (as is usual), nothing is mentioned by the International community or  from the Established Media, as their citizens are encouraged take dual citizenship by Israel, as they too are enticed  by mad rhetoric of restoring a greater Israel, some of this rhetoric is pure racist nonsense,  some other things coming out of these “Rabid Rabbi’s” mouths, are as dangerous as anything that these like-minded “Mad Mullah’s”  say to their followers, like  these ISIS Caliphate people who want a Muslim State  run by Sharia laws, just like the greater Israeli orthodox community want, and so “Lure” young Jewish men and women online,  to fight for a greater Israel .                                                                                                                                    So When is the International media going to focus on the Jews, who are also’ going to fight and commit their own war crimes, instead,  we just Demonise the Muslim community , but after all, the Palestinians are predominately Muslim, and anyone who thinks for her or his-self, knows full well, that this’  ISIS thing, is just too good a thing to waste, so our…Jumping up and down Media…gives over acres of space…to the arrest of some love-sick schoolgirl in a veil. Whilst most are maybe miss-guided (most of whom only want the chance to work for charities in Syria or in Iraq or maybe Afghanistan), But taking aid, it seems, must  be the prerogative of just the Christian people,  according to our Western media outlet’s, but if you are a Muslim, and seek to aid your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, then you must be a terrorist and arrested.

So our overly keen police and security services who are struggling to find(real terrorists) bodies to parade before the Media, so go after anyone with a veil leaving our shores. and so these young girls and boys following their religious  consciences,  like all young people everywhere, seek to do their duty for their community.  So I fail to see the difference between  a young  Muslim girl wanting to bring aid to the suffering, like so many young Christian women and men do, but yet, we do not arrest them…our media are eagerly willing to ignore this hypocrisy as long as it fit’s in with the agenda  emanating from the drawing rooms of the manor houses of our still secure aristocratic robber Baron’s, and some who are still in Hock to the Rothschild’s or some other Banker ,  and are only too keen to take their shilling and do their bidding, and so all thing’s Muslim and Palestinian are raked over far too often, and always for the agenda set, by our ever so honest media.

For fairness is so often paraded before us as if it is so easy to see and do, or more importantly to legislate for; well the first thing is to “think” fairly, and once thought out  a whole lot of further thought must go into bringing it into a format that we can live with, without the EDL ER’S OR UKIPPER’S gaining too much ground , or from a politicians  point of view,  loosing too much of their political power,  in the processing of this fairness.

But the machinations of the political process can’t stomach too much of the actual fairness talked of and hyped by our politicians.   For it is too much like being fair.

Fairness and the Palestinians seem to be  destined  never to meet, as long as the Hypocritical Media and the system stays the same…Shame on us all