I am left with such a bad taste in my mouth after parting with my membership fee to the Labour Party, which I thought would allow me a vote in the leadership election, not a bit of it,  Because I then found out that I would have to part with another fee of £25.

Now correct me if I’m wrong , is not the principle in the labour party to allow everyone to be seen as equals, regardless of what they have in their bank account, because this extortion of £25 from members is unfair, because it may well preclude so many of the people it says it represents or profess to represent, for the unwaged and so many of us living on benefits of one sort or another,  maybe do not have £25 to their name, let alone a spare £25 .

My anger at being fleeced by people who no more understand the people it is supposed to represent, because by this action, prove that they have more in common with those people who have just sold BHS for a pound, what was his name ?, ah yes , ” Sir’ Philip Green” who then justified it by saying it was allowed, because he could under the rules and I’m sure many of us have been stung by similar practices, of paying for something only to be told that you must buy something else to be able to use the product; these practices are well-known  in the business world where the same type of characters do this time and again.

Well we have them in spades at the top of the Labour Party after all they were appointed by characters who knew a thing or two about shady practices .


I joined the Labour Party again

I am now renewing my  Membership of the Labour Party after many years of being in the doldrums politically, due to the way the Labour Party has developed over the years into just another part of the establishment, and living in fear to the  media Barons, so much so that I stopped voting,  because the difference between the Tories and “New Labour”, regarding policies,  that were no different .

But I believe that Jeremy Corbyn  will ignite the Labour vote, especially with the young voter , because after “Tony Blair” started a war illegally, and that was after so many  ordinary Labour voters  marched in London begging him to not start that war, especially as it was illegal and morally wrong to do so.                                                                                            But our voices were ignored and his arrogance has led to the Labour Party going into the doldrums, and respect for the Labour Party was in tatters, and you only need to look at the country that gave birth to the Labour Party, (Scotland) to see and hear just what was and is wrong with the stupidly named “New Labour Party” that resides only in the bubble in London, made in London but ignored by the “Real Labour Party and real Labour voters in the rest of the UK but especially the Labour voters in Scotland.

But those politicians that followed him  were his lemmings, but sadly these  lemmings were left behind and they are now causing so much problems for the Leader of the present day Labour Party  and I hope Jeremy Corbyn does not give in to their whining because Blair is still in the background stirring the pot.

Please Jeremy do not give in to their whining …or I will again become an absent voter.

Our Chickens are Coming Home.

`I Hate to say anything that may hurt the feelings of those who have lost loved ones, but it may be what is needed, for those that think that the pain that the French are going through, was not avoidable, are living in cloud cuckoo-land.

It does not take a genius to work out, where all this jumping up and down get’s us, it get’s us nothing but more pain, and those that jump the highest and speak in foghorn language, are never ever near the bullet’s or the bomb’s, they are only ever as near to the manufacturing of them as can be, and the worst of them are responsible for the making of them and the ordering of them.

So let us not listen to them, switch off the BBC and the CNN so we can mourn the failure of our political process, and learn to point the finger with more precision. For the dead are not even in the ground, when we are calling out to make more dead, as the vengeful raise their head the highest, but worse still, those that control the foghorns and bare much of the blame, are making up the  brew anew.

New thinking is needed, for it is we that are to blame, for deluding ourselves,  that the action we have taken up to now , stems from our compassion, respect for Humanity, and  the rule of law.  But if you do believe (and there are many) you do not deserve a vote, for stupidity is your middle name, “OR”  you are a stooge  and seek to get us to do your bidding, OR  AIPAC LOBBYIST, an Arms manufacturer, a friend of Israel, or you work for Murdoch and the Sun newspaper

Instead we must raise our hands and beg for forgiveness , for we should know better, our society is built on the respect for the law, and it does not end at Dover or John o groats, which it has been up to now, as we are giving carte blanche  to those that live in the dark  to decide , well I didn’t know that our ending of the death penalty, stopped at Dover.

We can not lecture anyone in the Middle East about  International law, or the respect for Human Right’s, for we are sending Drones to do our killing, and America point’s out Israel as a true Democracy, which is risible, and that Hypocrisy  Damn’s us to hell, along with America, and Israel.

We are to blame for all that is aflame all over the Middle East and it is now at our own doors, and Vengefulness will not do this time, for it is Christmass and we must remember not to pluck out both eyes, or to slap them on both cheeks, which we have allowed ourselves to be led into doing, which has led us to  this mess, by poisonous people, who manipulate us through the Media, our values and laws are founded on the principles of our love for our fellow man, and not allow ourselves to be led by those who care not a jot, for Christianity, but only how she can fool us into fighting her wars by proxy, and our stupidity in going down roads not of our making.

When is the Media going to admit their failure…In this dirty business of starting wars for gain

We  are at last getting the apology from Blair, but not from the other lot that Jumped up and down with him, and yes there are many in our Media that are even more to blame, for if the media are not in existence to pick over the reason or the reasons of going to war, just what are they there for, or more importantly what are they doing to guard us from the,” power crazy” that was plain to so many of the public at the time.   No the media were too busy kissing the arses of the crazy lot that kissed the Arse of Blair and Bush .

Many people knew, and I suspect just as many within the Media Business, were up to their elbows in starting the wars we now have going on around the Arab World, and all over the Muslim World  people fleeing to shores of the very people responsible for all their pain. So will the filthy rich people who made their wealth from the suffering of these people stand up and be counted, or will they Like Tony Blair, lick their wounds amongst all of their ill gotten gains.

So the Media must  admit to their part in all these wars, but if we expect an apology from them of their dereliction of duty, we will wait a long time, for at their door lies the bodies of many a woman and child, for if they had been as conscientious about doing their duty, as they were at getting into the social circle, and the coterie  of charlatans around Mandelson and Blair;  No’  they were seduced by the very people, that they were there to protect us from, by warning us of the goings on within the Knitting circle that Mandelson inhabited, or the power crazy antics within Blair’s immediate circle, No’ by a long way our Media were, and are a significant part of the problem.


The Copyright laws, and the obscene rights and wrongs of it

I  just want to ask those that caved  in to those people  who  earn so much money from owning so much copyright  material  from the publishing  and Music Industry, to name the most obvious ones,   that again they have ruined this new format that has become ”
” the internet   and now is and has become an extension of the world we hoped we had left behind and that they should have put up a better fight, because the Internet is a new format, and because it is a new format, all the publishing rights that were written before, do not apply to this new format.

I know it is a spurious argument, but I still think it is valid, for most people write in one way or another, but this reasonably new Digital age, comes with many new important differences for instance the paying of these copyright monies of yesterday is completely different in the way it’s paid out now, (I write this with no real experience of how the copyright laws work) but from a lay persons point of view I now there must be differences, for example the taking of a picture now is almost instantaneous, and it’s out there , and I would have thought that it is up to the host’s of sites, to make the decision of who and what to pay , for if someone is writing for his or her own blog and is not earning from it ,then I would say it is up to (whoever is benefitting ) and who is publishing, for if  say I put a picture up and I put it up only as a (what the picture was meant for in it’s taken in the first place) then I’m sorry it’s who is benefitting from said picture that should feel obliged to pay,  For  say (the picture I wanted to put up) a news picture where the photographer took it to inform the general public, and I as a continuation of his action am only allowing that action to continue further and am earning nothing from it

As I see it, it’s people sitting in plush offices with so much money in their portfolio’s (excuse my ignorance of the Jargon used) and these portfolios contain the rights of such n such Authors, Band’s, Jingles, and many other rights that escape me at the moment.

It came into my radar because I wanted to publish a picture on my Blog of this man pointing a gun and in the next picture was the bleeding Palestinian who he had just shot, and I thought I could put the picture up to emphasise a point that I wanted to make in a post, and I was gently reminded of the publishing rights by my Blog host (who are themselves just another publishing company), and I got angry as I can not afford paying some fat ass…e in some office about who I know nothing and which only has the rights of that picture to censor it, (I’m not saying it was the case) I’m just making a point around big business and big publishing houses  controlling the media or as in this case say my rights to make sure everybody that reads my Blog knows about such things as  the murder of innocent people who are  having their land stolen and are protesting peacefully , but because the cost’s to me of publishing this picture  may be outside my Budget, or maybe the Chappie with the Gun in his hand get’s his friends to make this picture go away by buying up the right’s from who owns the rights to the picture,  you get the drift… well there is the argument from say the photographer who took the picture who says look I make a living from photography, saying’ I took that picture and want paid, that’s the arguments made by the lawyers of these big conglomerates or media companies to keep control of what goes out, or just keep the competition at bay, I’ve put it into pretty simple language and given pretty basic examples of what I mean.

But what makes the publishing and media industry different from say someone who has designed a garden, and people admire the garden as they walk by, do I have the right to charge them ? does the Bricklayer who has built a good wall, a wall that keeps people safe and is of more importance to society , than some Chappie who put a few lines down on paper, but he gets paid for the rest of his life, and the gardener doesn’t , a pretty basic point I grant you , but it makes my point up to a point.

Why I’m going into this,  apart from the point of putting up that picture,   was to show just how much “we the people that use the internet” Have lost another freedom, and they will use the usual point of , Oh we are only doing this to protect the poor Chappie in the bedsit so that he can strum his guitar safe in the knowing—— Yeah alright, but this Chappie in the bedsit, will have to sell off his or her  rights to some Trust fund or hedge fund manager ,  just so that they can pay this month’s rent , but  “they” will lock that right away  as it will make them richer as they place pressure on other  media outlets to use those  lines or music in some Jingle, that will make them even richer, so you see it is highly incestuous the copyright business,  some of these jingles make millions, and they have bastardised the original to make more money and it’s the same for everything in the publishing and the picture and media industries, and if you listen to their lawyers Hmm’ , you’d swear they were all doing for societies benefit or their poor  client’s so that they can eat again Hmm.

The obscene part of copyright laws is’ that say,  that famous  picture of the little girl running away crying naked, as her little body showed her skin falling from her little body, well I myself have in my pictures album of another little boy lying on a hospital bed and his little suffering body had the very same burns and his little body had skin falling from it, and this picture was taken so recent of the Afghanistan invasion and NATO’s bombing a village where again little children hunkered under their beds and their bodies showed the signs almost identical to that what  little Vietnamese girl had

But I know me Writing this here will never be read, and the points I’ve raised will dissipate into the ether, because those that sit in plush offices in Mayfair or in the city only to laugh all the way to the Bank  and just go on thinking up ways to make more money, that does absolutely nothing for the betterment of society  as a whole,   I am only trying to point out, that 99% of what is raised in most cases only helps keeps the apex of society in funds to go on funding their lifestyles , and that little person in the bedsit their lawyers may be harping on about, does not exist anymore.

But I’m angry at how say some music little ditty,  certain notes played in a certain fashion can be owned, for anyone with any knowledge of music knows full well that popular music is generally  only a certain few notes played with different beats that is proven to be so lucrative, ask any session musician, because the music industry knows this,  and that’s why they seek to control as many rights and notes as possible.

This copyright nonsense does more harm in the long run , I say that now in the age of the digital , we throw out all these'” Hedge fund” owned copyright  laws, and all the other unfair copyright abuses, that are used by the very rich, to make them all even richer, without even getting out of bed.

Sorry a little rant of mine that will flutter away into the ether, but seriously I do feel strongly about this because the internet, as we knew it is nearly gone, it’s becoming what is wrong with the world, slowly I watch all the controls coming in and internet providers falling like flies as they cave in to those with the rules and agendas , Oh it’s all done with such good intentions, but in the end the internet and the freedoms it brought, will only be a thing of the past, for Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google and maybe a couple of more Like Yahoo and Mozilla will have joined the Establishment and be more concerned with rules and regulations, and I for one will mourn it’s demise