I joined the Labour Party again

I am now renewing my  Membership of the Labour Party after many years of being in the doldrums politically, due to the way the Labour Party has developed over the years into just another part of the establishment, and living in fear to the  media Barons, so much so that I stopped voting,  because the difference between the Tories and “New Labour”, regarding policies,  that were no different .

But I believe that Jeremy Corbyn  will ignite the Labour vote, especially with the young voter , because after “Tony Blair” started a war illegally, and that was after so many  ordinary Labour voters  marched in London begging him to not start that war, especially as it was illegal and morally wrong to do so.                                                                                            But our voices were ignored and his arrogance has led to the Labour Party going into the doldrums, and respect for the Labour Party was in tatters, and you only need to look at the country that gave birth to the Labour Party, (Scotland) to see and hear just what was and is wrong with the stupidly named “New Labour Party” that resides only in the bubble in London, made in London but ignored by the “Real Labour Party and real Labour voters in the rest of the UK but especially the Labour voters in Scotland.

But those politicians that followed him  were his lemmings, but sadly these  lemmings were left behind and they are now causing so much problems for the Leader of the present day Labour Party  and I hope Jeremy Corbyn does not give in to their whining because Blair is still in the background stirring the pot.

Please Jeremy do not give in to their whining …or I will again become an absent voter.

The Copyright laws, and the obscene rights and wrongs of it

I  just want to ask those that caved  in to those people  who  earn so much money from owning so much copyright  material  from the publishing  and Music Industry, to name the most obvious ones,   that again they have ruined this new format that has become ”
” the internet   and now is and has become an extension of the world we hoped we had left behind and that they should have put up a better fight, because the Internet is a new format, and because it is a new format, all the publishing rights that were written before, do not apply to this new format.

I know it is a spurious argument, but I still think it is valid, for most people write in one way or another, but this reasonably new Digital age, comes with many new important differences for instance the paying of these copyright monies of yesterday is completely different in the way it’s paid out now, (I write this with no real experience of how the copyright laws work) but from a lay persons point of view I now there must be differences, for example the taking of a picture now is almost instantaneous, and it’s out there , and I would have thought that it is up to the host’s of sites, to make the decision of who and what to pay , for if someone is writing for his or her own blog and is not earning from it ,then I would say it is up to (whoever is benefitting ) and who is publishing, for if  say I put a picture up and I put it up only as a (what the picture was meant for in it’s taken in the first place) then I’m sorry it’s who is benefitting from said picture that should feel obliged to pay,  For  say (the picture I wanted to put up) a news picture where the photographer took it to inform the general public, and I as a continuation of his action am only allowing that action to continue further and am earning nothing from it

As I see it, it’s people sitting in plush offices with so much money in their portfolio’s (excuse my ignorance of the Jargon used) and these portfolios contain the rights of such n such Authors, Band’s, Jingles, and many other rights that escape me at the moment.

It came into my radar because I wanted to publish a picture on my Blog of this man pointing a gun and in the next picture was the bleeding Palestinian who he had just shot, and I thought I could put the picture up to emphasise a point that I wanted to make in a post, and I was gently reminded of the publishing rights by my Blog host (who are themselves just another publishing company), and I got angry as I can not afford paying some fat ass…e in some office about who I know nothing and which only has the rights of that picture to censor it, (I’m not saying it was the case) I’m just making a point around big business and big publishing houses  controlling the media or as in this case say my rights to make sure everybody that reads my Blog knows about such things as  the murder of innocent people who are  having their land stolen and are protesting peacefully , but because the cost’s to me of publishing this picture  may be outside my Budget, or maybe the Chappie with the Gun in his hand get’s his friends to make this picture go away by buying up the right’s from who owns the rights to the picture,  you get the drift… well there is the argument from say the photographer who took the picture who says look I make a living from photography, saying’ I took that picture and want paid, that’s the arguments made by the lawyers of these big conglomerates or media companies to keep control of what goes out, or just keep the competition at bay, I’ve put it into pretty simple language and given pretty basic examples of what I mean.

But what makes the publishing and media industry different from say someone who has designed a garden, and people admire the garden as they walk by, do I have the right to charge them ? does the Bricklayer who has built a good wall, a wall that keeps people safe and is of more importance to society , than some Chappie who put a few lines down on paper, but he gets paid for the rest of his life, and the gardener doesn’t , a pretty basic point I grant you , but it makes my point up to a point.

Why I’m going into this,  apart from the point of putting up that picture,   was to show just how much “we the people that use the internet” Have lost another freedom, and they will use the usual point of , Oh we are only doing this to protect the poor Chappie in the bedsit so that he can strum his guitar safe in the knowing—— Yeah alright, but this Chappie in the bedsit, will have to sell off his or her  rights to some Trust fund or hedge fund manager ,  just so that they can pay this month’s rent , but  “they” will lock that right away  as it will make them richer as they place pressure on other  media outlets to use those  lines or music in some Jingle, that will make them even richer, so you see it is highly incestuous the copyright business,  some of these jingles make millions, and they have bastardised the original to make more money and it’s the same for everything in the publishing and the picture and media industries, and if you listen to their lawyers Hmm’ , you’d swear they were all doing for societies benefit or their poor  client’s so that they can eat again Hmm.

The obscene part of copyright laws is’ that say,  that famous  picture of the little girl running away crying naked, as her little body showed her skin falling from her little body, well I myself have in my pictures album of another little boy lying on a hospital bed and his little suffering body had the very same burns and his little body had skin falling from it, and this picture was taken so recent of the Afghanistan invasion and NATO’s bombing a village where again little children hunkered under their beds and their bodies showed the signs almost identical to that what  little Vietnamese girl had

But I know me Writing this here will never be read, and the points I’ve raised will dissipate into the ether, because those that sit in plush offices in Mayfair or in the city only to laugh all the way to the Bank  and just go on thinking up ways to make more money, that does absolutely nothing for the betterment of society  as a whole,   I am only trying to point out, that 99% of what is raised in most cases only helps keeps the apex of society in funds to go on funding their lifestyles , and that little person in the bedsit their lawyers may be harping on about, does not exist anymore.

But I’m angry at how say some music little ditty,  certain notes played in a certain fashion can be owned, for anyone with any knowledge of music knows full well that popular music is generally  only a certain few notes played with different beats that is proven to be so lucrative, ask any session musician, because the music industry knows this,  and that’s why they seek to control as many rights and notes as possible.

This copyright nonsense does more harm in the long run , I say that now in the age of the digital , we throw out all these'” Hedge fund” owned copyright  laws, and all the other unfair copyright abuses, that are used by the very rich, to make them all even richer, without even getting out of bed.

Sorry a little rant of mine that will flutter away into the ether, but seriously I do feel strongly about this because the internet, as we knew it is nearly gone, it’s becoming what is wrong with the world, slowly I watch all the controls coming in and internet providers falling like flies as they cave in to those with the rules and agendas , Oh it’s all done with such good intentions, but in the end the internet and the freedoms it brought, will only be a thing of the past, for Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google and maybe a couple of more Like Yahoo and Mozilla will have joined the Establishment and be more concerned with rules and regulations, and I for one will mourn it’s demise

The ever declining values and Bias in Hall’s BBC

Well my views are well known with all thing’s Palestinian, (if you know me that is) and I think it’s best if when writing something or attacking something or someone, where strong feelings around Politics’ or religion, are involved, for nothing brings out the bile more than politics and religion, so I think it only fair to add a little about myself , so that what I’m saying can be read knowing that my views comes from my own point of view about fairness, and not from any hidden fact about myself that could wreck any point of view I express, and will not come from my having hidden some vital fact, like my own religion (agnostic) brought up Catholic, and Church of Scotland, (due to confusion in my children’s home) .
So I’m a rabid defender of the Palestinian’s, the land of Palestine’ should’ I believe’ be under the control of the rightful owners, i.e. ‘ “the Palestinians”, and not some people that believe rabidly’ about what’s written in some “BLACK BOOK”‘ that was written thousands of years ago and makes sense to nobody, but is used and abused by these invaders and (colluding powers) of today and of yesterday, to unload a severe problem, after a brutal war, and that Zionism (the bankers) who exploited the debt’s of European powers, and American fears, of too much control by a possible influx of too many Jewish refugees. Let’s just say it’s complicated by many thing’s best left unsaid, so the poor Palestinians were bombed out of their homes by the influx of the rabid Zionist menace.

So I believe I’ve made my leaning’s open, Now let me explain why I think that the BBC is riddled with unfairness, and has lost all of it’s (well earned) reputation for courageous journalism and a voice for the bullied, the poor and the displaced, that has been reduced by the influx of cowardly Journalist’s with dubious ethic’s who are reduced to following what they are told to produce, by bureaucrats’ placemen and women, foisted onto the BBC by the politicians of the day, and the spiv’s who control “them”, through their fear of loosing power.

Now I be no journalist, But as a decent human being (I hope) who was brought up on the decency I learnt in part, from watching great BBC programs about  “Human Right’s” and how they could be relied upon to investigate real (war crimes and Human Right’s Abuses)  crimes around the world and at home, maybe taking some action by reporting corrupt politicians and govt’s of the day, So the BBC, as it was’ then , was like an old aunt who you knew and respected for her wisdom and for speaking her mind, only to be replaced by a wicked step mother, who’s only after what she can get(like keeping their jobs) and the fearful journalist’s who are in it mainly for the moolah,  are refusing to stand up to’  or,  are part of the problem, by colluding with this now wholly dishonest lot, and a good lot of the intake of Journalist’s are now are dominated’ (by one group),(  well, let’s not further point too much here) just say silent on that one for the moment.                                                                                                                                                Trouble is now ,  that so much of what was decent at the BBC, has been slowly chipped away, and that’s  an absolute disgrace, it is now just an extension of the “Foreign Office” and the “Home Office”, and any decent Journalist who dares to write too freely, is threatened  into silence;  that’s what you get when you put foxes in charge of the Hen House, in  News Dept.’s  around the world,   like say,   ITN,   who now beats the BBC hands down, and it does that by having less interference in what goes out, and it doesn’t take too much thought in regards just where that interference, and influence is coming from.
Anyone who follows closely the media, must be blinded by just how much of control of what goes on in the BBC, is now led by nefarious people who inhabit the darkness, who themselves are in thrall to the American media, who are blatantly in fear of what AIPAC can do to a person, if he steps out of line, and many like minded groups in America bow to Israeli wishes, I know the Entertainment Industry walks a very thin line ,and bows down to the Jewish Lobby, people who control much of the media, and that is a fact, but getting people to speak out, well let’s just say I have nothing to loose, so dare I say, that what must not dare raise it’s head above the parapet…the fact’s.
The BBC of today’ is a poor wretched aunt, who is cowed by American and our own  foreign policy and American foreign policy bows to” yes you’ve guessed it’ “the AIPAC lobby” and of course the Israeli Zionist lot that lye beside the bought and paid for, in the hall’s of power, and the British foreign policy depends wholly on this lot in America.
You do not have to be a Journalist to know this, only a British subject, and the licence fee payers, who are kept ignorant of most of these fact’s or are too stupid to care.
The BBC, relies on the licence fee being paid by every British subject in the UK,  and so those placemen and women placed on the board of trustees comes about by politicians (in fear of what the media say) and making sure the policy of the day is followed, and the lackeys at the BBC of today, in fear of loosing their cushy well paid jobs, cave in to the wishes of the politicians, who are related to the rest of media in many ways, so are well and truly controlled by media barons, who rely a lot on Bankers, like the Rothschild’s and other Bankers who were and are noted Zionist’s, a bit of historical research about  how the state of Israel came about and also who were  funding  the Zionist terrorist’s of the day who were openly funded by’ yes’ you’ve guessed it, the family Rothchilds and most of banker’s of Europe, so it is surely’ of no surprise, that the media of today, are controlled (especially the American media) and run by Zionist’s, OH! there will be those that will raise, “the old chestnut” , ‘Zionism…ha’ ha, ha…,or’.. you are called’.. a conspiracy theorist nut’ as a means to deflect attention,  and if this fails, the other old chestnut, “Anti-Semitism, will be thrown at you.
Well’ I’m a gypsy…I hate nobody,  apart from those that drop Bombs on to “INNOCENT PEOPLE’S HOMES,  WHILE ASLEEP,   or  are fleeing for their lives, with all their measly possessions and their Half asleep  Children  in shock,  as to what’s going on around them.
Oh’ the BBC, will say that they report fairly a complex story, while bending over backwards to the wishes of  Israeli and American politicians , and to not make our country’s foreign policy look absolutely fucking dishonest, and criminal in it’s stupidity,  and to hide this collusion  going on between the Hypocritical   western  Democracy’s,…to be absolutely polite, they are a fucking disgrace,  it’s become the major problem for us all here in the UK, for America is controlled hook line and sinker by the very people that is to blame for every major problem around the Middle East, and in so many other countries around the world .

For Example it has stopped the UN becoming  what was in the minds of the people who set it up, it’s managed to solve absolutely nothing, apart from being another  refugee charity, and we need another refugee charity like we need a sore head.                                                                                                                                                              The world needs to solve the Issue of why the United Nations is a stooge to America and the Israeli Zionist AIPAC lobby, and is seen as just a laughing stock by being reduced to having things like a “HAPPIENESS  DAY EVENT”… I MEAN COME ON… no wonder it is seen as a laughing stock  .

I could recite a long story about the time I tried to take the BBC to task for lying in another… “well placed piece” in a story (that I think was a blatant lie, but gave the cowardly politicians, an excuse to back the invasion) , this lie was given top billing, at a time and for the same  politically motivated reason’s that the cowardly Israeli military machine were given the green-light for  the invasion of…GAZA…again.

Now maybe,   I’m naïve to think that the BBC’ ,” was ever’  totally innocent, in the nasty world of politics’ and foreign policy pressures. . But at least there was a line  that they did not cross, and there was a line where Journalist’s and ethic’s went hand in hand, but that line has become so blurred as to be non-existent, and this is because the BBC has now bowed to powerful lobbying groups, because they tremble at the thought of loosing their chauffeured limousines  .

I knew when Halls fat arse was placed into the top Job, he was being paid off for doing and editing in the way of our Foreign Policy, and in the true British fashion, was done with ludicrous Hypocrisy within the old boy nudge nudge wink wink network, and welcomed in to  the ways of how the Zionist Media do thing’s ,   who have become so confident, that you have to acknowledge their brazenness , after all how many top dept.’s  are controlled by Brazen Jew’s and their brazen program’s for “The Holocaust Industry“propaganda about all things Israel and all thing’s Jewish with sympathy dripping off presenters lips.  and the BBC can never ever recover from becoming this too close to the Beast …it’s sad that someone like me has to point these out (they are obvious to most observers if they really look) but it is not taken in by the majority of the licence fee payers, who are stupefied by silly programs like Eastenders, that lulls them into unthinking trolls.

There is no reason why Jewish people can’t work in the BBC like any group from any walk of life,  it’s when there is an agenda, where is a subtle shift and the demonising of all thing’s Muslim and Palestinian, where every opportune moment is taken to keeping up the sympathy for the Jews by too many reminders   in commissioned programs about Hitler and never miss an opportunity to say Holocaust, “Holocaust, Holocaust so therefor making it harder to judge Israel for her treatment of  the crimes she commit’s against innocent Palestinians, in case it can look like Ant Semitism for whatever that means,  just look at what group has more controller’s and what group has  so many top post’s at the BBC, not to mention so many other post’s given over  to many Jewish people at the BBC, you will see quite clearly there are by far too many post’s given over to Just this one group, and considering that they represent about 2% of the  UK population as a whole, something is not right…at the very least.

But I do not expect anyone to place their head above the parapet too soon, so I will raise my own head (unknown, and un-read as it now is) and dare to speak about this problem we are creating for the next generation, for Israel and Palestine can only ever be a “one state” an  apartheid state, at that, running as long as the Zionist’s can  keep all the AIPAC lobby in Congress.

I say to the Americans that you have created a massive problem  for yourselves, by  allowing your politics to be run from Israel,  by her controlling and owning so many of your politicians, and even more by her almost outright control of  the American Media and Hollywood, not to mention many of the companies that control so much of  American peoples details, and this has come about by the total corruption of the political process, and you must, well  ask yourselves how ? and why ?  you have allowed it to happen.