Benifits Tourism

I heard a piece on the radio today about the fracas between Britain and Germany regarding the so called “Benefits Tourism”   That Britain is pushing , well there is enshrined in the European Union the freedom of movement rule that we all should fight tooth and nail to protect and all the connotations that it entails for all of us in the EU if we take that rule apart.

Where you have rules where money is in the mix then you are always going to get those that maximise their benefit’s by either lying or finding ways around the rules, and that is true of  those that lie to get more farming quotas, of one sort or the other ,  and those that fiddle the benefits on the dole. So the lord that owns many thousands acres  of set-aside land and he works out a way to maximise the benefits of the rules of the EU, and some Chappie in a one bedroom flat, or a two bedroom flat , for that matter,…or Lord such n such living in a Mansion, who are equally guilty of milking the system in one way or the other, and because there are people milking the system, we don’t throw the principle of the law or rule out the window , that’s like cutting your nose to spite your face.    No what you do is you get together and work out a way to close the loopholes.

For instance, let’s take the point raised on R/4 today,  of the Polish man (why is it always a Pole)Who is fiddling tax credit rules , because  in the UK we pay more for each child, and also because the standard of living is better here, Because the £ when transferred  into the Zloty goes so much further. Blaming this Polish person for manipulating the rules for his own benefit, what’s the difference than those people in the city making a profit from buying and selling currencies (causing much more problems and costing more in the long run) well isn’t that what Capitalism is all about, No, if we are fighting one minute to keep the UK together, then we should equally fight to keep the EU  together, and if there are financial differences from country to country then we should seek  to work out the differences, for inevitably we are going to have to unite our currencies and have a more powerful Eu Banking system, and then Messr’s Cameron and the EDL and UKIP can sleep easier.

But seriously, why should a polish euro Mep get paid in European currency at the same rate of pay, as he then Benefits from being a Polish  Mep ,is this fair ?,  as he is a Benefits gainer of the Euro currency rules, so shouldn’t we change the rules or take some money of him or her…ludicrous…I know.

Even more serious, Shouldn’t  we be talking about these anomalies in the system  and unfairness that some of the Ukip and EDL people are jumping up and down about, rather than making such a fuss and making us Brit’s look like (dare I say ) little Hitlers

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