Immigration …Economic Refugees

I was never more disgusted than to hear on my TV this Asian woman moan about Immigration, and she was going ten to the dozen just like you hear the Ukippers, or the EDL , I mention the fact that she was Asian, because I would have thought that her generation of Asians who  themselves came from another country to Britain, and many moved  all over the world to make a better life for themselves,   either for economic reasons, or they were fleeing persecution,  so those she is complaining about are only  doing the exact same thing  and that’s what Capitalism is about, if it is not to better yourself and to make a better life for yourself and your family, then it is  a useless term, and if the Tory party does not realise that, (it’s not just the Tory party) then it is not a truly capitalist party.

I said the same thing yesterday, that if someone exploits the rules to get more money for their family, then we can’t complain , if it is too economically burdensome , then we change the rules, or close the loopholes.

But isn’t it strange that those that complain the loudest are doing it for many reasons, like they are full of Bile, maybe they are so unhappy in their own  lives and seek to turn on the easiest of targets,  because they are less likely  to defend themselves. or maybe it’s the media or the politicians or political parties with no real policies,  like the National Front turned on the ethnic minorities in the 70’s and 80’s and blamed them for all their unhappiness, or it may be the hang them and flog them brigade, with nobody to hang.

Either way it is unsightly state of affairs where all political debate is reduced to turning on the easiest of targets , so it was really a relief to hear Kenneth Clark on my radio poo pooing those UKIPPER types who have no policies to speak of ,and is run and paid for by an old Buffer… with too much money.

I do not really think that the Prime Minister really is of those types , I believe the Prime Minister is a decent man, as is Kenneth Clark and it’s a stain on our country when all the Prime Talent in the political arena  are reduced to talking about immigration and benefit tourism , when there are far more serious matters to discuss about the economy and what our RAF are up to .

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